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Below is a selection of common questions we get asked
For any questions not listed please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have
Do we offer Greater London area delivery?

Yes we do. At Homecare Medical Equipment we offer Greater London area next working day delivery and where possible same day delivery.

Do I pay online or by cash?

For security reasons all payments are made by card.

Do I have to assemble the equipment?

No, all our equipment is delivered and assembled by our trained servicemen. We can delivery a bed to your home and assemble in 20 minutes and show you how to operate the bed properly and safely.

What are the rental terms?

For more details on our rental terms and conditions please see this page here

What are the benefits to an air mattress?

We rent an air mattress to customers who may have or who are at a higher risk of developing pressure/bed sores.  Your GP or PHS will provide advice on whether you require a standard mattress or a pressure/air relieving mattress. 

What is a hospital bed?

We rent a range of hospital beds.  A hospital bed is designed for health care settings and those in need of some form of care.  The bed has special features both for comfort and for the convenience of your care provider. Our hospital beds are fully electric profiling beds which allows the height, the head and the feet to be adjusted by a remote handset positioned on the side of the bed.

Other names used for a hospital bed are a ‘low low bed’, a ‘profiling bed’, ‘community bed’ or a ‘medical bed’.

Can you rent a hospital bed?

Yes, at Home Care Medical Equipment our business is renting hospital beds and hospital mattresses for use at home. 

Are hospital mattresses waterproof?

Yes, our hospital mattresses are waterproof.  The mattress has a zip on 3 sides to allow for inspection and makes laundering easier. 

Can a hospital bed go upstairs?

Yes, we can install a hospital bed in most rooms in your home.  The standard width of our hospital bed is approx. 1.02 meters (3ft), and the length is 2.19 (7ft) meters.

Will a hospital bed fit through my doorway?

Yes it should, the bed comes in 4 pieces which allows us to deliver and install even in a small room/house.  Please provide us with any information on access limitations and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Can you rent a hospital bed for home use?

Yes, at Home Care Medical Equipment our business is renting hospital beds and hospital mattresses for use at home in London. 

Can a hospital bed be folded?

No, our hospital bed will be installed in your home by a trained staff member.  The bed should not be moved or altered.

When to get a hospital bed?

Most of our customers require a hospital bed to provide care and respite to a family member coming out of hospital.  They also could be recovering from an operation or injury and need the comfort of a hospital bed for their period of recovery.   

Why get a hospital bed?

Hospital beds are a great solution for anyone with restricted mobility and who would like to stay in their own home.  A hospital bed provides more comfort for anyone recovering from an operation or injury compared to a standard bed, the bed can be adjusted to help sleep and aid recovery.

Why rent a hospital bed?

Hospital beds are very expensive to purchase especially when they may only be required for a short period.  Renting a hospital bed is a cost-effective solution to enjoy the benefits of high quality medical equipment in your home.

How much does it cost to rent a hospital bed?

Our hospital bed rental package starts at £60 per week.  This includes a memory foam mattress.  Call us for more information.

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