The Process of Renting a Hospital Bed in London

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The Process of Renting a Hospital Bed in London

Whether you are a care provider working in a domiciliary care setting or are the relative of somebody that needs care within their own home, it’s likely that you’ve asked yourself the question, how would I rent a hospital bed in London?

Individuals that have recently come out of hospital or have been diagnosed with a terminal illness or a condition that has affected their mobility are likely to require a hospital bed that is both comfortable and well-equipped to support their needs.

By staying at home to receive care and treatment, people can remain comfortable and relaxed in a setting that they are used to. Unfortunately, this type of situation does not come without its drawbacks and adaptations often need to be made to the home to accommodate a person’s individual circumstances. Those looking to rent hospital beds may even ask themselves how can I put a hospital bed in my home?   

The logistics may seem somewhat tricky, but our hospital bed rental package is the resolution that you have been looking for.

How does the rental process work with us?

Caring for somebody with complex needs can be challenging and time-consuming enough, so finding them a hospital bed really shouldn’t be. Luckily, the rental process is fairly straight forward and will ensure that never again will you have to ask yourself how would I rent a hospital bed in London?

Initial contact

Firstly you will need to make contact with Home Care Medical Equipment. This can either be by phone or email and our trained staff will be able to provide you with a quote, ensuring that you are made aware of all of the costs involved. You can also receive a delivery cost quote.

A quick turn around

So you’ve got in contact with us and now you want to know how long you will need to wait for your hospital bed to be delivered. You’ll be glad to know that we can arrange delivery within two business days. This may vary in the case of exceptional circumstances.

Speedy assembly

You’d be surprised at how quick the assembly process is when you choose us. We know that users with complicated care needs that must be made comfortable right away simply can’t wait days for a bed. When one of our staff members visits your home, they will be able to assemble a bed for you in under 15 minutes. The procedure is unobtrusive and ensures that our clients aren’t made to feel uncomfortable or inconvenienced.

Experience with the elderly

Those that are assisting elderly individuals daily need to be sensitive to their needs and accommodating, especially when they are visiting them in their homes. Our staff has extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to dealing with the elderly and is able to do so in a sensitive and safe manner.


At Home Care Medical Equipment we are with our clients every step of the way, so when they no longer require their hospital bed we will be there to disassemble it. This can take place at a time that is convenient for the user and will also only take 15 minutes, ensuring that there is little or no disturbance to the daily routine.

A comprehensive package

To save you time when you are purchasing a bed, you’re best to choose a package that includes all of the relevant components. Ours comes fully equipped with an electric hospital bed, mattress, overbed table, wheelchair and overbed trapeze. This way you can be sure that either you or whoever you are providing care for has everything they need to feel comfortable, safe and relaxed in their own home.

Perhaps your needs or those of the person you are caring for are more complex, in which case we can provide add-ons to your package.

Specialist pressure mattresses are ideally suited to those that are spending long durations of time in bed and help to prevent pressure ulcers or bed sores forming.

Reclining chairs are also a viable choice for those that are able to get out of bed and would like to spend time relaxing but still remain comfortable and safe.

Both of these items can be added to any package for a small cost.

The main benefits for users
Hospital beds need to facilitate both comfort and safety and our package offers a plethora of benefits to those that choose it.

Increased mobility – The bed features an electric drive with three compact motors. A handheld controller can be used to activate all movements, enabling those that are immobile or less physically able to maneuver themselves more easily and ensure they are in a position that is comfortable.

Makes eating and pursuing hobbies easier – Being bedbound is a challenge and for many can be completely debilitating. With our hospital bed rental package, there is really no need for it to be. The overbed table is strong and stable and can be used to make mealtimes easier and more enjoyable. Pursing hobbies like knitting and reading is also a doddle with the table, which can be cleaned easily to support good levels of hygiene, vital for anyone dealing with an illness or ailment.

Comfortable and safe – getting into a comfortable position in bed when your mobility and health aren’t as good as they could be can be a challenge. Luckily this package includes an overbed trapeze that patients can use to maneuver themselves into a comfortable position. The strap is adjustable and is also attached to the bed for extra safety.

A few final things

  • Those that choose the hospital bed rental package will be charged for rent on a weekly basis and the initial period is always charged in advance.
  • It’s the responsibility of the renter to maintain the condition of the bed and other items that are included in this package. While general wear and tear are expected, any damage to the bed or accompanying products will be charged to the renter’s card.
  • If a product is returned late it will be deemed that the renter extended their rental period and will therefore be charged for an extra week.
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