Hospital Mattresses…what you need to know.

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Hospital Mattresses…what you need to know.

Home Care Medical Equipment provide a hospital bed rental service in the Greater London area; our standard package includes a foam mattress, but we also rent full replacement systems.

Our standard foam mattress is included in the weekly package of £60.  This mattress is a pressure redistributing support surface for the community, residential and healthcare environment.   Its castellated surface provides a solution for comfort and pressure redistribution to meet the needs of individuals at risk or high risk of developing pressure ulcers. A cut foam castellations multi-stretch polyurethane fabric cover, zipped around 3 sides for ease of inspection and laundering.

We also rent Full Replacement Mattresses at an additional cost of £40.  This mattress is an alternating mattress with cells on a layer of foam and is designed for people at high/very high risk of developing pressure ulcers.  It has 18 cells made of TPU material to reduce noise when the cells inflate and deflate.

Your GP or public health nurse will advise you which mattress you need.

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